We manufacture a range of adult mosquito aspirators; for field work we have the hand-held Improved Prokopack Aspirator and the backpack-mounted CDC-Designed Aspirator. For laboratory use we have a simple mouth aspirator (pooter) and one that has a HEPA filter to prevent ingesting insect scales.

Improved Prokopack Aspirator In UseImproved Prokopack Aspirator

The Improved Prokopack Aspirator Model 1419 was developed for indoor sampling of resting mosquitoes such as Aedes aegyptianophelines, and Culex . It is light weight and highly maneuverable and with the extension pole it can sample from ground level up to 13 feet (4 m). This enables collections to be made on upper walls, ceilings, and under furniture. Our Prokopack aspirator incorporates several significant improvements to the original design.


Modified CDC Backpack AspiratorModified CDC Backpack Aspirator

The battery powered Modified CDC Backpack Aspirator Model 1412 is a lightweight, durable, and comfortable aspirator for the collection of resting adult mosquitoes and other resting species. It has been very well received by agriculture as well as medical entomology researchers and surveyors.


Agricultural Backpack 2-Cycle AspiratorAgricultural Backpack 2-Cycle Aspirator

The gasoline powered Agricultural Backpack 2-Cycle Aspirator Model 1612 is a heavy duty backpack-mounted aspirator for collection of insects larger than mosquitoes and sandflies. It is used to collect resting and flying species in row crops, on ornamentals, from turf grass and other plants.


Mouth Aspirator with HEPA FilterMouth Aspirators

The Mouth Aspirators (Models 412, 612, and 613) are used for aspirating mosquitoes and sandflies in the lab and field. The Model 612 includes a 0.3-micron HEPA filter with screen to stop insect particles from entering the mouth.  The Model 613 allows you to move insects from A to B without the possibility of escape.