Hamer Floating Adult Emergence Trap for Catch Basins and Wells

This trap captures emerging adult mosquitoes from catch basins and wells. Stormwater treatment systems utilizing catch basins are ubiquitous in the USA and are known sources of mosquito production in the urban environment. The principal mosquito species occupying these habitats areCulex spp ., the primary enzootic vectors of St. Louis Encephalitis and West Nile virus. In an effort to reduce arboviral transmission to humans, catch basins are often treated for mosquito abatement with larvicidal oils, and long lasting formulations of Bacillus sphaericusBacillus thuringiensis israelensis, and S-methoprene. This trap is designed to monitor the efficacy of such treatments.  This trap was developed in concert with a graduate student, Gabe Hamer while he was pursuing his PhD at Michigan State University.  Here is an article from the American Mosquito Control Association of this trap (Hamer et al. 2011. JAMCA) and a poster on the Floating Emergence Trap.

Hamer Floating Adult Emergence Trap


  • Trap collects emerging adults from catch basins and wells.
  • Traps have been used for Culex pipiensCulex resturansAedes albopictus, and Aedes aegypti.
  • Model 619 Manual

Design Characteristics

The collection cone is made of stainless steel; the fine mesh screen is fabricated using spot welding. The float is closed-cell elastomeric foam. The collection cup and lid are poly-propylene; the upper removable cap is made of machined acrylic tubing and fine mesh stainless screen.

Included Items

Hamer Floating Emergence Trap for Catch Basins and Wells Model 619 includes:

  • Floating emergence trap
  • Collection bottle with fine mesh stainless inverted cone
  • Acrylic, machined bottle cap with fine mesh stainless screen